Friday, October 26, 2007


Because this is our first post in the blogging world, we thought we would make it an extra special one by letting you know that we are expecting a baby May 10, 2008. We are so excited. We think we will be even more excited once Holly stops throwing up!!! She is currently 14 weeks, so we are praying it will only be a few more weeks until she is up to her normal self. We give all of you women who get sick during pregnancy much praise, and for all of you who don't, you are blessed (and I don't like ya much). Rhett is hoping for triplets so he doesn't have to go through it again! He doesn't know what he is asking for! He has been wonderful taking care of Holly and bringing her 90% of her meals in bed...thanks babe!!

update on our lives

We built a house last year in North Salt Lake located in the Foxboro community. We were able to move in just before Christmas, it was great timing. We love where we live and couldn't ask for better neighbors. In May our ward grew to over 800 members, it was huge. They finally split the ward in June. We enjoy having a more intimate Sunday experience. A few weeks after the ward split, I was called as the Ward Chorister, a very scary place for me to be. I had to learn a lot, and gain a lot of courage to stand in front of the whole ward each Sunday, 4 times! It is much better now and if the songs are easy I don't even get nervous - I thought that day would never come. Rhett currently does not have a calling - I am working on him subbing for me when I can't make it - he won't have it.

Rhett works at RCWilley selling electronics and appliances. He has been there almost 5 years. He enjoys his job, and I enjoy the discount! It has been a perfect place to have a discount when furnishing a new house. Rhett is a great at what he does, no one can resist his great smile!

I currently work at my dad's law firm - as much as I can! It is hard to work when you are miserable so it has been so nice to have a very flexible schedule. I try to work as much as I can, and somedays we are lucky if I show up! I have never felt so flaky in my entire life. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to work up my hours again.

We have been married over 3 years, and can't believe how time has flown. We feel so fortunate to have everything we have. We truly couldn't ask for anything more. We are so blessed to be having a baby, and just can't wait for those sleepless nights!