Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All about Lucy Lu

The past week Lucy has been sick. It makes your heart melt seeing your kids hurt. Now that Lucy is starting to perk up I am remembering all the cute things she does that I have missed the last week.

- Lucy's asks 'why' constantly. You would think she really knew what she is asking most of the time. Pretty sure she just loves the word and uses it at all the right times.

- She will say 'ooookay' when she is asked to do something she doesn't really want to do.

- Lucy has hit the no clothes stage. She gets everything off that she can.

- Still completely and hopelessly in love with her bear.

- Calls her binki (which MUST go) 'smee'.

- She loves putting us to bed. She will get a pillow, blanket, binki, and a bear for us.

- The girl pretends to write letters and words. She lays on her tummy on the ground with a pen in hand and has pretty good form while writing. So mature.

- Lucy is now climbing out of her crib. Not cool. We will be converting to a toddler bed soon. No more falling or climbing out of the crib.

- She loves to be outside. Lucy has truly loved the snow. She smiles and yells every time she sees it. However, I can't stand the cold and am loving the warmer weather.