Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That Girl

- I love that you are full of energy.
- I love your blonde hair.
- I love it when you wake up, knock on your door to get out, and say 'It's me, Lucy Ann Germer."
- I love the huge gap in your front teeth.
- I love that you climb into your carseat by yourself and do the top buckle. 
- I love that you don't really care for shorts or bottoms when we are home. You get to hang in your panties. Lucky.
- I love that you love music. You ask for it constantly. 
- I love that you love your daddy. 
- I love your long curled eyelashes. They look exactly like mine, if only we had darker ones.
- I love that nothing gets you ready faster than telling you to go get your swim suit on. You usually take FOREVER to get out of the house.
- I love that you are a home body.
- I love when you are nice to your brother.
- I love when you don't hurt your brother.
- I love when you make brother smile.
- I love your thick belly laugh.
- I love it when you laugh out loud when you see something funny on tv.
- I love it when you come snuggle in my bed with me in the morning. 
- I love how attached you are to your bear. Well, kinda like it.
- I love that you won't let anyone leave without a kiss AND a hug. If we forget it is a sob fest for a while.
- I love all the silly positions you hang around in. Such a kid thing to do.
- I love when you say our family prayers, although, you are kinda on a strike right now. Rebel.
- I love how much you love princess dresses. You could live in them. If only your mom was a nice mom.
- I love that you love art. Painting, play-doh, coloring, stickers, cutting, gluing. You name it, you love it.
- I don't love that you destroy your room while you should be having quiet time or napping.

- I don't love that you throw hour long tantrums.
- I don't love that you are such a picky eater.
- I don't love that you are mean to your brother.
- I don't love that you still aren't an amazing sleeper.
- I don't love that you are growing up so fast.

Oh, my sweet Lu, I love you to the moon. You're my baby. You are my best girl. We love each other!!! Never forget these sweet words we say to each other every night.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lu's first dance class

          Lu finally gets to go to ballet class. This was a big day for us. I have been promising her for over 9 months we would do dance, but pregnancy and a new baby got in the way. Finally it was time. It is so freaking adorable to see her in her tutu. She loves it.

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