Thursday, July 7, 2011

going home sweet home

When we woke up on Wednesday, May 4 we knew it was time to choose a name. This was a very hard and touchy subject for us. We had discussed boy names for the last 5 months and there was no agreeing! We had 3 names in mind. I loved one of them and Rhett loved one of them. The other we both liked so we figured we would go with it. I bought a few things for his room with this letter on it. I spelled his name out with blocks on his dresser.

Well, Rhett threw me a curve ball when he started telling everyone his name while we were in the hospital. He had switched back to the name he loved - Griffin. He knew when he saw him that he wanted to name him Griffin. I knew my emotions couldn't handle this discussion so I put it off until we HAD to sign those papers. I won't go into details, but that morning was rough. One of those mornings you wish you could just forget about. One of those mornings you wish you could tell the difference between logic, new mommy emotions, and crazyness. I made Rhett fill out the papers. Honestly, when I saw my baby I thought he was a Griffin also, I was just not over the moon about it. Here I am 2 months later and I love his name. I do still slip occasionally and call him the wrong name, but we are getting there!

After 2 nights in the hospital, it was time to go home. I had mixed feelings. I wanted my own bed, to be with Lucy, get all our hospital bands off, my own shower, my lazy boy, to use all the new baby clothes, break out all my adorable blankets - one of my favorite things about having a baby is all the soft blankets, I spoil myself silly with lots of blankets. However, I do enjoy ordering room service, the nursery, the quiet, the cranberry juice on the rocks, not having to clean anything, no toys everywhere, and being taken care of. I knew I would miss all these things.

My mom was sweet enough to hire someone to clean our house while we were gone. Walking into a clean house with fresh linens on the beds, scrubbed toilets, no dust, and vacuumed floors was the best feeling a new mom could have. Everyone must do this while you are in the hospital!

Finally, home sweet home. Time to figure out how to be a mama of 2.

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Love it Holly, you are so awesome!