Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That Girl

- I love that you are full of energy.
- I love your blonde hair.
- I love it when you wake up, knock on your door to get out, and say 'It's me, Lucy Ann Germer."
- I love the huge gap in your front teeth.
- I love that you climb into your carseat by yourself and do the top buckle. 
- I love that you don't really care for shorts or bottoms when we are home. You get to hang in your panties. Lucky.
- I love that you love music. You ask for it constantly. 
- I love that you love your daddy. 
- I love your long curled eyelashes. They look exactly like mine, if only we had darker ones.
- I love that nothing gets you ready faster than telling you to go get your swim suit on. You usually take FOREVER to get out of the house.
- I love that you are a home body.
- I love when you are nice to your brother.
- I love when you don't hurt your brother.
- I love when you make brother smile.
- I love your thick belly laugh.
- I love it when you laugh out loud when you see something funny on tv.
- I love it when you come snuggle in my bed with me in the morning. 
- I love how attached you are to your bear. Well, kinda like it.
- I love that you won't let anyone leave without a kiss AND a hug. If we forget it is a sob fest for a while.
- I love all the silly positions you hang around in. Such a kid thing to do.
- I love when you say our family prayers, although, you are kinda on a strike right now. Rebel.
- I love how much you love princess dresses. You could live in them. If only your mom was a nice mom.
- I love that you love art. Painting, play-doh, coloring, stickers, cutting, gluing. You name it, you love it.
- I don't love that you destroy your room while you should be having quiet time or napping.

- I don't love that you throw hour long tantrums.
- I don't love that you are such a picky eater.
- I don't love that you are mean to your brother.
- I don't love that you still aren't an amazing sleeper.
- I don't love that you are growing up so fast.

Oh, my sweet Lu, I love you to the moon. You're my baby. You are my best girl. We love each other!!! Never forget these sweet words we say to each other every night.


jessica&john.com said...

So sweet! It makes me want a little girl! The "Lucy in the sky" picture is amazing!

Christy Smith said...

What a cute mommy! I can't believe how big she's getting...she kills me in her cute ballet outfit. And Griffin is already growing so much! Such a handsome little guy!