Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sister meets brother

I was so excited for Lu to meet her baby. Rhett went to pick her up the morning after we had Griffin. He took her to the park and McDonald's on the way. She came in pretty shy. Didn't really want much to do with Griffin, she just stared at him. She gave me a hug right away and was so happy to see her mama.

She was nice enough to share bear. She kept putting bear's ears up to Griffin's nose so he could feel the joy. Lucy has been sniffing bear's ears since she was about 6 months old. Not sure when this habit will die.

After she had been there about an hour my mom was holding the baby and Lucy couldn't get enough of him. She was kissing him, stroking his head, holding his fingers.

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AnnandJake said...

He's precious Holly! You look so fabulous. Before, and after. Lucky duck. :) And good call on the Arbys!

Mom of three ♥ said...

So sweet! I loved seeing my two kids with their new sister. So amazing!

jessica& said...

Precious pics. How does your hair look so gorgeous after that ordeal!

C. Rick Henriksen, MD, MPP said...

Lucy is funny.

Candace said...

I love all the pictures, he is such a cutie. I'm so glad that we aren't the only ones that have a hard time with naming babies. It's a big decision! At least you didn't tell everyone on Facebook the wrong name! =)