Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meeting Mr. Griffin

Monday, May 2, 2011 I headed to Dr. Lash for my almost 38 week appointment. Up until now my doctor gave me no indication that I could be induced, but I was ready to beg and plead! Once again my blood pressure had spiked. He asked if I was ready to do this and I was so excited. I thought I would be induced later this week, but he said 'head on over to the hospital.' I was in shock, and so happy my kids birthdays would be 4 days apart. I was so worried of having him on his sister's birthday.
I ran home as fast as I could to pack up and hit the hospital. I couldn't get a hold of Rhett on the way home so I sent a neighbor over to tell him to start packing. We had Lucy's birthday party scheduled for that night, oops. We were going to have a different kind of birthday party! We promised we would make it up to her. I made it home and in a mad dash we packed up, grabbed the cameras, dropped Lucy off at the sitter's house, grabbed a Jr. at Arby's and headed in at noon.

Here I am right before hitting the bed for the next 14 hours. Rick came up and helped Rhett administer a blessing to me. I was quite nervous being induced, it was so different than my last labor. We started Pit at about 1:00 and by 3:00 I got the epidural. Phew!
We had lots of visitors in and out and in again. We were quite the party room. Most of my family was at the hospital when I was still just a 4 at 6:30. By 7:15 I was in so much pain and I wanted to push. I just knew his little head was coming out. Nope, I was just a 7. Three minutes later I was screaming, got checked again and I was a 9, no wait, a 10. I was ready to go, all I wanted to do was push, my epidural was not doing a thing, and there was no doctor in sight (except my brother!). I told Rick to wash up because he was going to have to deliver my baby. He didn't like that idea so he set out to find the resident with no success.

About 20 minutes later Dr. Lash arrived, Yay! I have never felt so much pain in my entire life. I have never screamed so much in my entire life. I was just not prepared. Not prepared to feel what I felt. I wish I had studied up some kind of relaxation methods. I kept forgetting to breathe, I couldn't get the rhythm down, and I just wanted this baby out. I really expected this to be like my last labor, but they were worlds apart. They all assured me I could do it. They assured me the baby was healthy, and I was healthy. Everything was fine, I was just hurting. I pushed with every muscle in my body for 20 minutes. At 7:37 pm our beautiful baby boy arrived. They placed him on my chest and I was shaking and bawling. I had no control over body or my emotions. Rhett was in tears. It was a very special moment.
Griffin Rhett Germer
May 2, 2011
7:37 pm
7 pounds 3 ounces
19 inches long

It was very peaceful in our room after he was born. I immediately felt a sense of relief that we were all safe and healthy. A feeling you really cannot describe. My heart was pumping with love and contentment. I loved my little guy, my little girl, and my husband. We were all in this together.
After a couple hours with baby G, Rhett took him to the nursery for his first bath. He loved it. I was back in the room feeling very numb. I got an extra dose of epidural in my back when I was feeling so much pain. It really kicked in after delivery and I couldn't move a thing (till 4 am).

They brought him back nice and fresh. It was time to relax with just the 3 of us. The picture above is the view from my bed as I dozed off to sleep. Well, not exactly, I only slept 30 minutes the first night. I was just too excited. What an amazing day. I had given birth again. We were now a family of 4 and Lucy would meet her brother in the morning.


jessica& said...

I love all these baby posts. I am completely captivated by your baby story. What a hard labor you had:( It makes me never want to do that again. But when I see your Adorable baby I want to have a baby asap. I am so glad everyone is doing well. Thanks for sharing. New bundles on blogs always make my day and you have such a cute way of writing.

Christy Smith said...

I love it!!! SO many cute pictures! What an adorable little family and I hope I get to meet little Griffin soon. Yay for updates!