Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Button, button who's got the button????

While Grace, my niece, was examining my belly our conversation went something like this....

Grace: Where is your belly button Holly?

Holly: It is right here. (I pointed to my belly button - well, seriously I wouldn't call it a belly button anymore.)

Grace: No, Holly that is not a belly button. This is a belly button. (she lifted up her shirt and

showed me what a real belly button looked like.)

Holly: It is right here.

Grace: No, it is missing.

Holly: Well, I guess I don't have one.

Grace: Hmmm. (feeling very sorry for me)

More from Grace...Ever since she found out I was pregnant she has been obsessed with my baby. In the beginning she would put her hands on my belly and wait for the baby to 'kick'. She soon caught on to what the 'kicking' was all about, and now we all get to feel her baby 'kick'. She also gets worried for Lucy because she has no place to sleep and no swimming suit. Grace has told me that she will buy her a swimming suit for Lucy. Every time I see or talk to Grace on the phone she asks "Has your baby come out yet". Much to her dissapointment I tell her to look at my belly and tell me what she thinks. My sister Emily, her mommy, has told me numerous stories about how Grace will bring Lucy into all their conversations. She is too funny. When we have the baby, I have a feeling we will have a baby hog!

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Justin and Kim said...

It's so funny to see what kids worry about. When I was pregnant one of my students wanted me to swallow some toys so my baby would have something to play with!