Thursday, February 14, 2008


I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day! There is something about this day that just makes you feel like lOVE is in the air! I wanted to share a few things that I lOVE right now...
-comfy pj's
-our new duvet cover
-reminising with old pictures
-feeling my baby move (I am starting to LOVE it more)
-my new haircut
-thinking about Macaroni Grill for dinner tonight
-my hubby in the color green
-my new orange shoes I gave myself for Valentine's Day - only fitting after drinking another orange glucose drink with double the effects of the first one!
-knowing my little girl will be little (I don't have Gestational Diabetes - a huge relief after a long and miserable day at the lab)
-dreaming of incredible vacations - I would make a great travel planner
-smooth dissolve tums
-sleeping with a whole pill of phenegren in me!


McDuffie Family said...

I love the things you love! I'm so glad you do not have gestational diabetes. I have had some friends have it and they were beyond miserable! I hope it was a good valentines for you! I want to see your new haircut!!!!!!

Nield Family said...

That is good news, no GD! Now I need to see this new haircut, post some pics of you ASAP!!!

Colby and Meredith Christensen said...

Holly you are so funny- you make me laugh! I want to see your new haircut too!

The Bate Family said...

Hi Holly! This is Natalie Bate (Kit's wife). I found Lisa's blog and then yours and just wanted to say hello! CONGRATS on the new addition coming soon! Being a mom is seriously AMAZING. I absolutely LOVE it. You and Rhett look like you're doing great! Good luck with the remainder of the pregnancy (and all the discomforts that come with it) and keep in touch! :)

Tiffany and Ryan said...

Holly... I found your blog through Linzy's :) How are ya?? Congrats on being pregnant. Are you guys doing nursery in your new ward? ;) I was finally released a month ago.. crazy. Anyway- glad I found you. Hope you're doing well!

James, Tiff, and Kaylie said...

So I want to see your new duvet cover, I cannot decide on one for the life of me...and it's a whole ripple effect, whatever I pick determines the color of the paint, and the paint determines the carpet...Oh, decisions are the worst!(name that movie!) Anyway, I'm very glad you found one you love, cause now you can help me!!! :)