Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Lucy experienced her first Utah Football game (2 weeks ago!). She did pretty well except when the man next to us would yell... she would cry. I am sure next year we will be able to enjoy it a little bit more. Go Utes.


Tiff-E said...

Yeah, we tried to take Kaylie to games around Lucy's age...we had the same experience you guys did, she cried every time people would cheer, good luck with next year when she's walking...we just don't go to games anymore...sad, but true (babysitters now needed) Hopefully you guys have more luck than we did/do, some kids do great!!!

GermersinGrace said...

U - T - A - H go go Utes!
Mi - ni - skirts - and go go Boots!

(From Nick)

Libby and Krystal do not wish to be a affiliated with this comment.

Colby and Meredith said...

My brother and his wife put earplugs in their little one to help with the noise factor. Just a suggestion... Lucy sure is a cutie!

amy germer said...

I like your hair that color. You guys are such a cute family!