Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was tagged a few times about my quirks a while back and I am finally getting around to it (one of my quirks).

- I have to get ready for bedtime or nap time to be able to sleep. I need teeth brushed, fan on, clean feet in socks, pj's, contacts out, and it is best if it is in my bed. After all of this it still takes me at least 30 minutes to fall asleep at best. This quirk has been so hard as a mom. Especially a mom of a HORRIBLE SLEEPER! I wonder where she gets it from.

- If I am at home I am in sweats. Why stay in jeans when you can be in sweats? So comfy.

- I can let my house get cluttered. It drives me crazy all the while, but usually I will choose to do something else over straightening up. I might also consider this a blessing as a mom because I have been able to not worry about the pile of mail that needs to be sorted. Most of you may not know this because I am usually good about cleaning up before anyone comes over! If you ever want to make me bust my bum just tell me you are coming over!

- I HATE text messaging! I will always just call the person back. Why take 20 minutes to have a conversation that can just take a minute?? Plus it costs me 20 cents each way. I am also not so great at returning phone calls...sorry...I need to work on that.

- The grass is ALWAYS greener to me. I am really trying to improve this habit.

- I do not like being in front of people. I get so nervous and red. When I was called to Ward Chorister the Counselor said when they considered who to call they wanted to find someone who would love to stand in front of people - rude and not true! But I will admit it was a great calling for me because I got to learn a bit about music and stand in front of the whole ward 4 times a week. However, last week was my first week not leading and I feel great about it.

- I think my baby is cuter than yours - is that a quirk?

I know I have many more, feel free to let me know what they are. I tag no one, this wasn't the most uplifting tag.


Jo said...

I'm with you on the sweats thing! I hate being in regular clothes at home when I can be comfy! Pretty much the instant I get home, I change.

Anonymous said...

Holly you are great! I love sweats too especially these new capri sweats I got from Costco. They are not exactly flattering, but oh so comfy.
Jackson looked like fun. You are a cute family.