Wednesday, January 7, 2009

8 months old

It hit me the other day that I don’t just have an 8 month old – but I will have a one year old in 4 months. Here are a few things I want to remember.

-Lucy loves to be tickled – I love tickling her neck!

-Lucy knows the sound of the Kleenex box and immediately guards her face with her hands.

-Lucy is still a ‘legs open’ kind of girl. We have caught her doing the splits a few times

-She is just barely getting the hang of baby food – it has been a LONG 3 month process. Christmas day she finally opened her mouth willingly. Nursing an 8 month old full time is quite draining so I am thrilled we are able to get a little bit of solids in her.

-Her favorite foods of choice are sweet potatoes and pears.

-Lucy is our little Indian. When you tap your finger on her lips, she knows just what to do!

-She is still our little steam roller. We put up the gate last week because she was always finding her way to the stairs.

-Lucy is FINALLY sleeping better at night (still not much of a napper). Some nights are still horrible (waking up every 2-3 hours), but I can usually count on one 5 - 6 hour period. I am loving it!

-Lucy is such a talker. She just babbles, yelps, whines, screams, squeals, and makes donkey noises all day long.

-The past month Lucy has decided she hates to get her diaper changed or get dressed.

I love this little girl and I am so happy I get to play with her everyday!


Mom of twins.. said...

Wow, that is crazy to think she will be a year old in just 4 months.. It is amazing how fast they grow. The past 6 months for us with our kids have just flown by! My kids are trying to adjust to the solids as well, and their favorite is also Sweet Potatoes and they also like Banana's.

Colby and Meredith said...

She is adorable! I love the green bow in her hair!

McDuffie Family said...

sounds like a cute healthy 8 month old. Hang in there with the not sleeping! my second wasn't into the solids at first either. You are a trooper! Sounds like you guys had a good christmas as well!

Lisa said...

Love that picture! When is your 8 month old ready for another play date? Karli saw all of the toys she got for Christmas and is super excited to come play with them!!

amy germer said...

That is a gorgeous picture! You need to enter her in a baby contest!

Peterson Family Utah said...

I love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucy is so cute! I love that you guys enjoyed the snow, I just hibernate! Were you guys OK with that explosion at the refinery?? Must give you a call! HOpe to get an IKEA trip soon!
Claire. oxoxoxoxoxo