Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lucy's Top 10 @ 10 Months

Top 10 Favorite Foods

  1. Cauliflour

  2. Steamed Sweet Potatoes

  3. Turkey and Rice Dinner

  4. Refried Beans

  5. Steamed Green Beans

  6. Cheerios

  7. Squash

  8. Carrot Wheels

  9. Rice Rusks

  10. Rumbi's Rice Bowl

Top 10 New Skills

  1. Sleeping with her legs out of the crib.

  2. Chugging Water.

  3. Drinking Soy Formula.

  4. Throwing balls.

  5. Sharing her food with you.

  6. Not screaming everytime she wakes yp - she will actually entertain herself for a quick minute.

  7. Pulling her shirt off when getting undressed.

  8. Feeding herself with a spoon.

  9. Saying 'Hi' - seriously.

  10. Getting into everything!
Top 10 Favorite Activities
  1. People watching at Target.

  2. Playing with Mommy and Daddy in their bed.

  3. Crawling to Mom's feet and laying on them.

  4. Visitng Cousins.

  5. Eating off of Mom and Dad's plates.

  6. Kneeling - she is very spiritual!

  7. Finding and sucking on IBuprofen - not so fun for mom.

  8. Sleeping with her teddy bear. She cuddles him ALL night long.

  9. Playing in the diaper bag, pantry, or bathroom.

  10. Staying in the crib ALL night long - not sleeping, but saying - mean mom.

Top 10 Things That Annoy Lucy

  1. Staying in the crib ALL night long.
  2. Getting dressed.
  3. Getting buckled into anything.
  4. Not getting to eat during the night.
  5. Waiting at the checkout line.
  6. Diaper changes.
  7. Not being able to see Mom.
  8. Getting her nails clipped.
  9. Rinsing the shampoo off.
  10. Getting her hair done.

    *No, I am not this creative. I stole this post idea from Lisa and Chad's blog - keep the ideas coming please!!


Kit...Nat...Broox...Krew said...

Happy 10 months, Lucy! She is at such a FUN (and challenging) age! She will be walking before you know it... and then the fun just gets crazier!

Joanna said...

Happy 10 months as well. She is so cute and I love to hear all the things she loves and doesn't quite love. She is so cute.

Lisa said...

Love the post! You can steal my ideas anytime!! Those pictures are so cute, I love her little mohawk. I'm sure that Lucy loves playing with her second cousins too, right?

Melissa and Nate said...

Happy 10 months to Miss Lucy! So glad she's letting Mom stay in bed ALL night. :)

Brady and Gretchen said...

She is so cute :) This is such a cute post, I might have to steal the idea for my Lucy...

amy germer said...

She is too cute! i can't wait to kiss those cheeks-only 12 more days!

jakenapril said...

'ecious! absolutely and completely 'ecious! she is too cute. and i love that she is a people target! love, love, love the super tar-jay.