Sunday, May 24, 2009

the big one year old

Lucy goes into a room and shuts all the doors behind her. When you try to open it she thinks it is a game and keeps closing it on you making it impossible to get her.

Lucy says and does the ‘0’ face all day long.

Lucy says ‘hi’ all day long. Her first word.

Lucy is taking a liking to Soy Milk.

No dairy for this girl. After a 3 week battle with diahrea we came to the conclusion that she can’t have any dairy - still. You would think we would be able to figure this whole allergy thing out seeing how we have been dealing with it for a year now. I just keep hoping she has grown out of it.

Lucy loves walking with her walker. She smiles and laughs the whole time.

Lucy loves to play chase. She crawls like a maniac.

Lucy has begun to hit me and laugh.

Lucy is dangerous on the stairs, she thinks they are the best invention ever!

Lucy loves to swing.

Lucy loves fig newtons and smoothies.

Lucy ALWAYS has her toes curled. It is too cute, but it does make walking difficult.

Lucy is constantly climbing in and out of everything.

Lucy laughs at everything I laugh at.

Lucy loves to go to church and laugh with all the kids. She is quite entertaining.

Lucy is growing up so fast. I love this girl so much and am so lucky to be her mom.


Chris and Joanna said...

She is so stinking adorable, I cannot get over it. Good job on the toe painting job, awesome!! She has a fun personality.

Kit...Nat...Broox...Krew said...

She is so, so cute!!!! What a fun and challenging age! Hopefully she does grow out of the dairy allergy soon. What a pain!

jamirodana said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!