Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tulum & Xel Ha

Tulum was beautiful. Can you imagine living in a village right on the ocean. Those people really knew what they were doing. We took a tour to Tulum and apparently we were the only ones who spoke English. We were on a bus full of Spanish speakers. It was pretty funny. We had to join another tour at the ruins.
After Tulum we headed to Xel Ha. I could have spent 3 days there, and we only had about 4 hours. We swam with the Sting Rays which was really cool. We each got to hold one and dive down and swim with them. We also did a tight rope above the water. We both made it accross because we are both pretty amazing! My body was being stretched to the max the whole time and Rhett is tall so he was in the water up to knees for most of it.

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