Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 months

- you are starting to get very attached to me. it is pretty cute, but very hard for daddy.
- you are starting to look more like your daddy. your hair is loosing it's red coloring though.
- you were blessed by your daddy right before you turned 3 months old. it was beautiful. you had lots of family and friends there for you. you are a very loved little boy.
- i finally scrubbed off your colic cap. you lost so much hair. i cried and cried.
- you are weaning out of the swaddle. you fight and fight to get out.
- you giggle and smile every time you see your sister. she hugs you a lot and says you are her best friend.
- you are getting harder and harder to get to sleep. you won't fall asleep in my arms lots of times, but you aren't ready to fall asleep by yourself. this puts me in a pickle.
- you hate sleeping in our bed, this makes me sad. sometimes i just need you closer.
- you have the cutest smile.
- you went on your first week long vacation to bear lake. it was so fun and so exhausting. i feel it was a constant battle just trying to get you to sleep. you loved all the attention. you slept great at night from about 11-5.
- you fell out of your swing last week...break my heart. this was a huge eye opener that we need to get you sleeping in your crib. this has been  a very hard transition. like i said, you aren't sleeping very well right now!
- you have been doing great on errands. you will stay happy in your carseat then cry a little, take a binki, cuddle your blanket, and fall asleep.
- you still take formula like a charm. it is lovely and makes it easy on me to leave you with daddy or run errands with you! thank you, thank you, thank you.
- because of your sleeping issues we are trying a no dairy diet for mama. it has been terribly hard for me this time around. i did this for 10 months before, not sure why it is so hard this time. we also switched to soy formula. we will keep it up and see what happens. what is with my babies and allergies to dairy?
- you had an ear infection last month. it was so hard to see you sick. i become so vulnerable when my babies are sick. it was a rough couple of weeks.
- i love you so much. i love to eat you.
- you tolerate your sisters tackles very well. i think you will be a tough kid.
- you are huge.
- I obviously found a love for Instagram this month!


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Vicky said...

Baby, you are so lovely!
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joleisa said...

What a cutee! Little feet and little hands are so adorable!)

Alexandra said...

This made my cheeks hurt from smiling. :) Love is wonderful.

Chintan said...

So cute baby...!