Wednesday, January 9, 2008

is it really a girl??

I have always been one to worry about the gender of the baby...not about having a boy or a girl...but to worry about if they told you the wrong gender. Well, last night I got a call from my cousin who is due with a boy just 2 days after me. They had another ultrasound that day and I asked "So is he still a boy", and to my surprise she said "Nope". Of course, I didn't believe her, but still I was in shock. She then went onto explain that it was really going to be a girl. Oh my goodness, can you imagine going the whole time thinking you were having a boy/girl and you end up with a boy/girl. Of course either one is great, but all that wasted time, energy, and money. Oh, the worries I go through, so I am going in again in a few weeks to fetal fotos, just to make sure!!! Needless to say, she is very happy with either kind of baby, and very happy to find out now rather than when the baby makes their first appearance on earth.


Perry's said...

I used to work at an OB office and this happened more than you'd think but no worries I am sure yours was right. You could always get all the furniture since it's usually pretty neutral and then get bedding and paint closer to the end - it's hard to mistake towards the end. Just save all your receipts and keep tags til the last minute just in case!

Meredith Christensen said...

Not to worry you anymore than you are...but this exact thing just happened to my brother and his wife. They were chosen to adopt a baby girl due in March. This past Wednesday the mother went into labor 2 months early AND the anatomy was definitely not that of a girl. So I now have a nephew instead of a niece. Just thought I would share!

cousin turned friend said...

what an interesting story