Friday, January 25, 2008

A reflection of the past year....I have been meaning to post this for sometime!

- Moved into our new house.
- Got called into the nursery with 60 kids, yikes!
- Went on a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. Had a blast even though we met a couple that stalked us the entire time. Seriously, everywhere we went, they would find us. I guess we are just really cool.
- Our ward split - Holly was called to be ward chorister - Whaaat?
- Holly learned how to lead music, shower before church so she looks appropriate, and be on time to church - Rhett is so proud of her for always being on time.
- Stayed at the Wynn in Las Vegas! It was beautiful. Not on our bill of course, we went with the family Holly nannied for.
- Got new bedroom furniture and a new couch! Yay. I am still searching for the perfect bedding however.
- Holly started working for her dad.
- Holly went on a 3 week vacation with her family to Chicago, Nauvoo, and the Mid-West! Luckily she got brought a fan for white noise and got her own bed every night thanks to Dan for sleeping on the floor!
- Spent a few weekends in Park City.
- Announced we were having a baby! Holly becomes very sick.
- Put in a backyard - well, just grass so far.
- Brother Dan left on a mission - we sure miss him.
- Rhett is now a 'Million Dollar Seller' at RCWilley. We are so proud of him, he works really hard.
- We welcomed 2 nieces and a nephew this year.

What a great year. Hopefully 2008 will be just as fun.


Nield Family said...

Wow what a year for you guys, how fun! I can't believe you are already six months pregnant, it seems to be going fast, for me! Hope all is well!

Beth Clayton said...

Holly- fun post. those are some of my favorite things to read when I blog stalk! Way to go Rhett. That is awesome and I hope you bought a few pairs of shoes saturday to celebrate!

amy germer said...

You forgot one. Lilly throwing up in your beautiful new house.

James and Bethany said...

I can't believe how far along you are. I am so excited for you guys!! Guess what? I am the ward chorister too...we should talk. It is so fun to know what you are up to. We have a blog too. Check it out. Hopefully we will see you soon! -Bethany

James and Bethany said...

Hi again!! If you go to the top of my blog, to the left it says and it has a bunch of free ones. But just so you know, you have to enter your other contacts again....just so you are prepared. But they have a bunch!!

Perry's said...

Wow all that can happen in a year, you guys have been busy. How much did we contribute to your Million Dollar Man status Rhett? HeHe We loved buying stuff from you thanks for all your help with everything. Congrats - hope you got a raise or something cool for that! Hope you guys are doing well! Oh yeah and way cute belly Holly!