Monday, April 14, 2008

My last Getaway!

Two weeks ago I took a little trip with my family to St. George and Zions. It was a much needed break, and I was able to relax, shop, and be with family. Melissa (sister), Juli (cousin), and me at the park. I was so excited to be able to go spend some time with Juli. She lives down here in St. George so I don't get to see her as often as I would like. She is the biggest trooper and has the best spirit I know. She has been going through Chemotherapy the last few months, and has kept a positive attitude through it all. I was able to go with her to the hospital to get her treatment. We talked and visited and I was able to see how brave she really is. Everyone asked afterwards how it was and I would quickly reply "I made it through"! Oops - I guess they were asking about Juli. Well, she was amazing through it all and we were able to go get some lunch, shop, and hit the park to enjoy her last few hours of well. Thanks Juls for letting me be with you, it was really fun. Love you tons. We also made it to Zions on the way home. Of course, I didn't get to go on the big hike, but I waited patiently in the sun for about 3 hours. The sun felt so good...and I paid for it later, I was fried! I also paid for it that I was waiting for them to come back to eat, because they got back and they were not hungry. So I starved until about 8:00 when we finally got dinner.
I did make it on the 1/2 mile roundtrip walk to Weeping Rock. The girls in this picture are our friends from Germany. Sonia is my age and came to stay with us when I was in high school. She came back this time with her sister and they stayed for about 6 weeks. My mom really enjoyed having them around, she is still going through withdrawals having no kiddos at home. It was a great trip, and fun to getaway for a few days. Thanks mom and dad for always letting me tag along!


amy germer said...

You are so smart to do that because once the baby comes you will never be alone again. Ha!

McDuffie Family said...

How fun! I wished I had known so I could see you while you were in St. George! Awesome girl in hiking!

Beth said...

Ok, seriously Juli is amazing. We are down here right now and have such a great time visiting her. She is positive and doesn't even complain. I"m glad you got a little get away in the sunshine.

Lucie said...

Great to read your message on my blog and to see your blog. Lucy is a great name for a baby, however you spell it!
Good thoughts to fellow survivor Juli.