Thursday, April 10, 2008

Off to DC

Well, Rhett is off to Washington D.C. That's right, 4 weeks before I am due, he is gone. Last month and last week this was really making me worried. However, because I am dilated to a ZERO I feel a lot better about him being gone. This is the first time he has ever left me at home. We have spent many days and weeks apart, but it has always been me to leave on vacation. Of course I always enjoy my time away (I am on vacation), we'll see how I enjoy my time away - at home!

Rhett earned/won this trip through work. Only 6 salesman in the whole RCWilley company get to go...that is pretty amazing. I don't know why spouses were not invited, and it bothers me a bit, but I guess it is for the best not to have to turn down a trip to one of the greatest cities. Rhett was really cute and excited to go on his first 'business trip'. He was even generous enough to let me pack for him - oh how I love to pack for vacation.

I am very proud of Rhett and all the hard work he does for our growing family. He has been so good to me the past few months - I have not been the easiest pregnant lady to deal with. He has really worked on getting excited for the little things that I am always thrilled about, like buying a new box of diapers, finding a new decoration for the nursery, cereal that is on sale, or a great dinner that I go on and on about! He is a great hubby and I love him lots...have fun babe.


McDuffie Family said...

HOw fun! I know the fears though,but you'll be fine! Hang in loved your eight month pics......beautiful prego woman you are! And I loved the cereal post! Hey, I say indulge and enjoy, your almost done!

James, Tiff, and Kaylie said...

I can't believe you are so far along...I'm one of those due in July people jealous of how close you are! I am loving your cute posts! And hey, you can come hang out over in our chaotic house if you want while Rhett's gone! :) I'm so excited for you, and you look so great, such a perfect belly! I swear I am lopsided, he must like sticking his bum out on one side or something! :)

Colby and Meredith said...

I love that you are so supportive of your hubby! I too love your 8 month prego pics- you are so adorable! Hope you are doing well!