Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First loves

I cannot believe my baby Lucy is already one week old! This precious time is flying by so fast. She has had a great first week at life. Here are a few of our first loves....

Lucy Loves...
  • Mommy & Daddy

  • Her bassinett
  • Eating

  • Being a burrito

  • Stretching her fingers

  • Getting a manicure

  • Rolling her eyes
  • Trying to eat her clothes

What daddy loves about Lucy...(Rhett really did write this list for me)

  • I love it when she falls asleep in my arms
  • I love her yawns
  • I love that she calms down when I burp her
  • I love her pretty face
  • I love her annoying cry (sad, I know)
  • I love it when she smiles and she doesn't know it
  • I love it when she looks at me and looks deep into my eyes
  • And finally I love it when she sleeps so I can play XBOX (and he does play quite often!!!)

What mommy loves about Lucy...

  • Awake time at the right time
  • Putting new clothes on her
  • Her smell
  • Her fuzzy fuzzy cheeks
  • Giving her a manicure (her nails were soooo long)

  • She has become a great eater
  • Her teensy little bum

  • She has amazing daddy who loves us both very much


Nield Family said...

Oh you guys are so dang cute. She is so gorgeous! Love you guys!

Beth said...

She is too cute! I want to see her in person. Little babies are so fun to wrap up and snuggle. (big babies are too, but much more difficult to wrap!)

Glad things are going well. Hooray!

Colby and Meredith said...

It's great to see that you are doing so well! Lucy is so beautiful!

laura said...

I love her headbands!! She is darling and I can't wait to meet her!

McDuffie Family said...

how fun! Aww the joys of a newborn!

-Wes and ValaRee- said...

What a cute post! So sweet! Holly, you're so good to stay caught up on your blog! I want to come see you next week. Are you up to having visitors? Is one day better than another?

amy germer said...

I can't wait to meet her in July!

Dave and Ashley said...

I saw your link on the Haas's blog. Yeah! for your beautiful little girl! Congrats! She is so cute. I can not wait to meet her, although it may be a while before you brave church. I love your nursery. Maybe I'll come see you and then you can count that for visting teaching:). Congrats again.

Lance and Amber said...

Holly, She is so cute and precious! I am glad that all went well with the delivery and she is here safely.. I am jealous I want my babies to be here now! Just a few more months for me though! Take Care and keep me updated. We move into our new house this weekend I am so excited!

Roxey said...

Holly! I just found your blog, and she is ADORABLE!! I hope things are going great for you! Roxey Catenzaro

Paul & Cat said...

2 weeks already!!! It's crazy how fast it goes, your day is over before you know it! She is growing beautifully, it is so much fun to see her and hear how much her mommy and daddy adore her. Keep up the good work!!!

James Evans said...

Is Rhett turning into a softy?

James Evans said...

Oh, the joys of not sleeping! Round 2 for us in 6 weeks. Good luck to you guys.