Thursday, July 10, 2008

She is growing!

We went to the doctor's on Monday for Lucy's two month check up - yup two months! She is very healthy with the exception of food allergies and excessive crying. She also got her shots - so sad! She took a 3 hour nap right after the shots but then the crankiness set in! Yay.

Here are her stats

  • Weight - 10 Ibs. 13 Oz. - 50%

  • Height - 22 Inches - 40%

  • Head - 37.5 cm - 25%

She is still little, but growing very fast. A few more facts from the past few weeks.

  • Lucy has discovered her left hand. She sucks on it quite a bit.

  • She is a great bubble maker.

  • She still sleeps with her hands way above her head or touching her face.

  • When she is cuddling, eating, or just hanging out she always has a hand at her face.

  • Her nails still grow sooo fast - we clip and file twice a week.

  • Lucy is growing out of some of her clothes so she has a whole new wardrobe!

  • She will only sleep 1 good shift a night - which really isn't that good!

  • Her hair is growing back on the top of her head. It is very blonde with a red tint and we think her hair will be curly. She is a mini Rhett.

  • Everyone says she looks like Rhett.

  • She loves bath time.

  • Lucy love getting her diaper changed. She will usually smile during most of the chaning.

  • She loves to be the center of attention (I wonder where she got that from?).


laura said...

She is so cute! I love seeing new pictures of her so keep posting! :)

Colby and Meredith said...

She is getting big! I always feel so bad when babies have to get their shots! I do not look forward to the day when that is me.

amy germer said...

She looks different ever time you post new pictures. Only 4 more days until I get to kiss those cheeks!