Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lucy turned 2 (in May)

I have not posted any pictures of Lucy's birthday yet because I don't have any pictures of the other party. They are all on my mom's camera. One day I will get them.

Lucy woke up to a birthday candle in her cereal. Then she got to go to Toys 'r us and pick out a toy. She picked a princess lawn chair (the girl is obsessed with chairs!). We hit Rumbi's with dad for lunch where he surprised her with balloons and more goodies. We took naps and woke up when daddy came home. Then we played with some new toys until her grandparents showed up. It was really nice and relaxing to have just her grandparents here on her birthday. She had full attention and LOVED it. I think we will be doing this every year. We had pizza and cake and played the night being entertained by Lu.

The big party was a few days later and hopefully I will post pictures of that soon. Happy Birthday Lucy, we love you to pieces.
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