Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rick's graduation

Really close picture - awesome.
Sweet Grandma
Sexy ladies. Can you believe she is 9 months pregnant in this picture?
Rick graduated from his residency as a 'chief' resident in June. It was an awesome night up at Millcreek Inn. Everyone is in love with Rick and he only got the best of remarks from everyone who talked about him. He is one great doctor (seriously, I ask him about everything!!!). And he is single for anyone who may want to marry a doctor!
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Heidi said...

I hear you're miss preggers!! I saw Dani's blog about your guys going to see Rick on Good Things Utah! We are in the same boat, sister. When are you due? We're due at the end of May. I'm so excited for you guys! Congratulations and good luck....blah..

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Bruuh Ale e Isabela Bethina said...

I Liked very much your blog!
Look at mine too, please?

Perry's said...

Way to go Rick, it's got to be so nice to be done finally!! We can't wait for that day!

McDuffie Family said...

your hair has gotten so long and your daughter is so big! how are you girl! i finally am taking some time to see how people are! you look as beautiful as ever! hope you are well! miss ya!