Monday, December 17, 2007

Bored, bored, bored!!!

I feel like a child every year at this time of year. You see, it is my birthday today, and Christmas next week. The anticipation of this month kills me. Every year on December 16 I can not fall asleep. I don't know why. It is not like I am so excited for my birthday, it is not like we are doing anything extra special, but it is just the anticipation that for one day you truly get to feel extra special!! I am also one who has a love/hate relationship with surprises. I love thinking about what I might be receiving for my birthday, but I honestly can not stand it. I beg Rhett everyday just to tell me what it is (although if he told me, I would be extremely disappointed in him!), will I be able to wear it? what letter does it start with? will it be for the house? is it something that I have wanted for a long time? does it come with a gift receipt? That is usually the most important question!! It is the same way with Christmas Eve. I remember as a child looking at the clock at 1, 2, and 3 o'clock, not able to sleep. Of course, back then I was hearing Santa upstairs - and I am the lightest sleeper you will meet - he was always at our house for hours, our Santa has a sleeping problem all year round!! Poor Santa!

I have seriously been up since my last bathroom break at 5:00 am. I feel a little trapped, because it is a rule, you can not clean one bit on your birthday. So here I sit stalking blogs and decided I might as well share my dilemma with others! I guess another big reason for the anticipation for me today is we will find out what color our nursery will be! I guess that could truly be the reason for depriving myself of sleep.....we shall post
again soon.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Holly! You are so funny. I can't imagine what you will be like when the due date is just around the corner. At that point, you don't sleep for numerous reasons anyway! And as you can tell, I am excited for the news of today...don't worry I'll be checking back all day.

Ben and Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!! (And I honestly remembered before I even looked at your blog!) I think it's awesome that you still get so excited about your birthday and Christmas. You better post the SECOND you know what you guys are having--I'm so excited for you to find out! And once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!