Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Christmas Season

I guess I was in a bit of a negative mood yesterday! I will redeem myself by tagging myself and revealing what I love about the holiday season...

- I love all the lights. I love to drive around different neighborhoods and seeing different displays people have.
- I love spending more time with our family. It seams like you always find more time during this season.
- It is my Birthday season also! Rhett likes to call my gifts 'Birthmas Presents'. I do not like this term!
- As much as I do not like to be cold, I love it when it has just snowed and all the trees are holding as much snow as they can on their little branches, it is so beautiful.
- I love time to reflect on the year and know what you want to do better for next year.
- I love all the shopping I get to do. I love getting that perfect gift for everyone - although that usually means many many returns before I find that perfect gift!
- It is a great time to reflect on the life of Christ and all he has done for each of us.
- The decor - I love to decorate my house festive. It makes it feel so cozy.
- Christmas sounds - the bells at the front of the store, the great music, the bustle at the store, the crackling fire, and the silence when the snow is falling.
- Parties - although I don't ever get invited to any really fun fancy parties that I would get to wear my little black dress to (like I see on every tv show and movie), I still enjoy going to parties and visiting with friends and family.
- Talking to kids about Santa - I love the excitement they have for this jolly old soul. I wish I still had the same excitement about him that they do!!!

Well, here is an early Merry Christmas - may you enjoy the season as much as I do!!! I now get to tag people - how fun! I tag Lisa, Hannah, Beth, Amy, Juli, and Kim! Enjoy!

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