Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Morning

I obviously had a ton of fun this Christmas. It was so fun to share the magic of Christmas with Lucy. She woke up ready to go at 7:30 so we headed in the room to see what Santa brought each of us. Santa was able to surprise Rhett with a new suit and the 'down sweater' he has been begging for. Rhett and I surprised each other with photo books of Lucy. He even made one for each set of grandparents. Rhett surprised me with some very special earrings. I was so excited. Lucy got way too much stuff, but she really had NO toys and most of them we put away to bring out later. Yes, I am trying to make myself feel better!

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Scott and Sarah said...

Fun Christmas! It is so fun to spoil the little ones. Funny that you got eachother photo books. I am so sad the holidays are over.

Brooke said...

Wow! And I thought we spoiled Presli! ha ha! I must say I feel a little better after seeing Lucy's loot.

The Robinson Family said...

Holly - I love checking in on your cute little family. I had to laugh at your pictures... I think everyone goes all out on the first Christmas their baby gets. Afterall - the first one needs all the toys, clothes, etc. By #2 in slows down "a little" :) You look beautiful as always! Keep posting - it's the only way I know what's new with you!